Turutu A trip to the moon App Reviews

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Do not download this app, it has no point to it. All you would be doing is wasting time like I did.

It really sucked

It sucked

Trip to the moon

It has a nice little story for kids, but its not much of a game at all and it's really short. If you're looking forward to playing this, don't.

Seems fun

It seems fun but little tough for my son

Don't bother with this app!

This is the dumbest app I have ever seen. If I paid for it I would be very upset. Total waste of time to download. I deleted it after running it one time

It ok


One interaction.

This was kind of a joke of a game, it's more of a book.


3 people and I who have downloaded this app all thought it was a game so deceiving

It's ghay

It's not a game


Got it with appgratis today and it seems fun so far

its not good game

dont download this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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